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Yei-bi-Chei (Holy People) Rug

$ 4,500.00

This rug, which is 28.5 in x 50 in, features Yei-bi-Chei (Holy People) from Tsaile Arizona on the Dine (Navajo) Nation.

About the design: A sand painting design of the female Yei deities, which consists of one patient, six dancers and one clown. The actual ceremony is different than the sand painting and Dine rug. Furthermore, many elements are eliminated from a rug to preserve the sacredness or power of the ceremony. Elements such as the weather, animals, plants and every living thing is considered sacred. In this rug, the Holy People are holding feathers and ribbons while they wear a mask that covers their face, a traditional dress, with white deerskin legging moccasins. The purpose of this winter ceremony is to heal a sick person, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, to cure and restore harmony. The Dine people believe that harmony brings the balance of beauty, stability and health.

About the weaver: Bernice Allen-Chee is from the Dine (Navajo) Nation and a Master Rug Weaver. Her first clan is the Mexican Clan and her second clan is the Coyote Pass clan. Her maternal grandfather’s clan is the Red Running into water and her paternal grandfather’s clan is the Near Water clan. She raised two girls and three boys. She has eight grandchildren, five girls and three boys. She works with Dine College as a Bookstore Assistant in Tsaile for 13 years. In her spare time, she weaves and creates beautiful, intricate designed rugs as a hobby and therapeutic project. Her specialty involves the colorful, finely woven eye dazzlers and the Yei Bi Chei’s.