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Four Directions Lakota Silver Earrings

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These beautiful silver earrings hand crafted by Mitch Zephier (Sicangu Oyate Lakota) feature the Lakota Four Directions design.


"The first direction... is to the West with the color black symbolizing that direction. The spirit entities residing in that direction are Thunder and Lightning which bring forth water that nurtures our food life and causes growth and prosperity.

The second direction... is to the north symbolized by the color red. The spirit entity residing in that direction is the Buffalo that sustains and nurtures our people.

The third direction is to the east symbolized by the color yellow. It recognizes the Man who paints himself yellow and comes everyday to light our way in the world. The spirit entity residing in that direction is all four-leggeds. The black-tail deer is the universal spokesman for the four-legged, therefore we do not eat its meat.

The fourth direction is to the south, symbolized by the color white. The medicines of the world come from that direction and the spirit entity is the wingeds. We honor the Eagle as the spokesmen for all wingeds.

Within the four colors of these directions, we recognize that all human beings are a mix of these colors. We affirm our living in peace and harmony with all of them."

-Loretta Afraid of Bear (Oglala Lakota)